Building and Debris Hauling Services


When you rent dump trailers from JSP Junk Removal & Demolition you will happy to find that we can drop off a trailer at your home or business and pick it up right up after you fill them up. All you have to do is just call us. Renting one of our dump trailers can have an advantage over renting dumpsters, roll-offs, and debris bins. In case you do not have a driveway our trailers can be parked on a street legally without having to go through the long permit process to obtain a permit from the city. Permits are required for dumpsters and roll-offs when placing them on the street. Our trailers can also access areas that dumpsters and roll-offs can’t get into. Unlike dumpsters, debris boxes, and debris bins you are allowed to stack your junk or debris beyond the top edges of our dump trailer walls. You may stack as high as possible. Also, our dump trailers can hold more weight than debris bins of the same size. Typically one can load 3 times more weight on our trailers than on debris bins of comparable size. Keep in mind the length of the material or junk you are tossing out. Commonly used plywood, drywall, and two-by-fours are 8 feet long in length. That is why work trucks have 8-foot-long beds. Also, most couches measure about 8 feet long. The length of debris bins might be an issue to consider if you have things up to 8 feet long. Our custom-made dump trailers are 8 feet long and 5 feet wide and the walls stand 4 feet tall. Look at our pictures. You can see you can fit an 8-foot-tall jacuzzi up right in our trailer with room to spare. Our trailers are low to the ground ( 2 feet ) and you can open the two doors so you do not have to lift heavy objects up and over like you would have to when renting debris boxes and debris bins. One can also roll a really heavy object up into the trailer with a plank or board placed at the back edge of the trailer. Our price is all-inclusive. No hidden fees and no pick-up or drop-off fees and we will pay all the dump fees.